Rebecca Woywod

Co-Representative Director of Japan Innovation Park. Mrs.Woywod has been working in the project management field for over 15 years handling number of large-scale projects received from T-Mobile, SBB CFF FFS, BKW. Professionally experienced and sophisticated background in the field of IoT, cross-border strategic planning and project management. She was appointed as a representative director. She has been working with the team to develop more Swiss-EU focused business / PoC / promotional environment.

Dominic Gorecky

Co-Representative Director of Japan Innovation Park and Head of SWISS SMART FACTORY. Dr. Gorecky has experiend and lead the team as a head of German Research Center For Ariticial Interlligence, DFKI GmbH for over 5 years. Sophisticated professional experiences and strong background with the depth knowledge of AI, IoT, manufacturing automation and currently leading number of cross-border projects.

Erhard Buchs

Project Manager of Japan Innovation Park. Mr. Buchs as a managing partner of ICT Factory LLC has experienced and handled number of large- scale projects. Strong and professional experiences in the field of financial project management and banking cloud computing and blockchain technologies. Currently handling number of cross-border projects with Mrs. Woywod.

Isamu Koyama

Co-Representative Director of Japan Innovation Park. He handled number of project management case in the educational industry, real estate industry and manufacturing industry over the past 20 years. He was appointed as a representative director of Japan Innovation Park GIA.  To focus more on Swiss / EU markets for our customers, he has formed a new team to support Ms. Rebecca and to be able to provide news services. He serves as a co-representative director in JP market as well as appointed as a head of government affairs.


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