Dominic Gorecky

Head of SWISS SMART FACTORY. Dr. Gorecky has experiend and lead the team as a head of German Research Center For Ariticial Interlligence, DFKI GmbH for over 5 years. Sophisticated professional experiences and strong background with the depth knowledge of AI, IoT, manufacturing automation and currently leading number of cross-border projects.

Rebecca Woywod

Mrs.Woywod has been working in the project management field for over 15 years handling number of large-scale projects received from T-Mobile, SBB CFF FFS, BKW. Professionally experienced and sophisticated background in the field of IoT, cross-border strategic planning and project management. She was appointed as a representative director. She has been working with the team to develop more Swiss-EU focused business / PoC / promotional environment.

Erhard Buchs

Mr. Buchs as a managing partner of ICT Factory LLC has experienced and handled number of large- scale projects. Strong and professional experiences in the field of financial project management and banking cloud computing and blockchain technologies. Currently handling number of cross-border projects with Mrs. Woywod.


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