Privacy Policy

Japan Innovation Park General Incorporated Association (“JIP”) set forth this privacy policy for processing personal data and JIP will comply the laws and regulations related to personal data protection.

1. Collecting personal data
JIP will collect personal data for the specified purpose described on this privacy policy lawfully and properly.

2. Types of personal data
JIP will collect “Company name”, “Department”, “Title”, “Name” and “Mail Address” as the personal data.

3. Purpose of processing personal data
(1) JIP will use the collected personal data only for the purposes described below(JIP will not use the collected personal data for other purposes. );
・Providing information about the event and seminar of JIP and the organizations JIP supports
・Providing information about the services of JIP and the organizations JIP supports
・Sending newsletters form JIP
・Responding inquiries
(2) The data subject are entitled to withdraw the consent of processing personal data at any time.

4. Management of personal data
(1) JIP will manage personal data properly and take necessary measures to avoid any leakage, lost and damages. For the proper management of personal data, JIP will supervise employees properly. In the case that the personal data are no longer necessary in relation to the purposes , JIP will erase the personal data properly.
(2) In the case JIP outsources processing whole or part of the personal data to a third party, JIP will supervise the third party properly.

5. Providing personal data to third parties
JIP will not provide personal data to any third party unless there is consent of data subjects or providing is permitted by laws and regulations.

6. Rights of data subjects
The data subject has the right to access to information related to the personal data, the right to rectification, the right to restriction of possessing, the right to erase. In the case that General Data Protection Regulation(“GDPR”) is applied, the data subject also has the right to data portability, the right to object to possessing and the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority. In the case of any requirement related these rights, JIP will verify the identity of the data subject and will respond lawfully and properly based on laws and regulations.

7. Contact point for inquiries
Personal Data Manager : Japan Innovation Park General Affairs Department
Contact Point :