Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP)


Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) are essential for the smart factory backbone. This new video shows you how we integrated the cloud-based ERP of proALPHA into the Lighthouse project Industry4.0. Thanks to open API, the shopfloor integration was done quickly. Several demonstrators are already connected to prepare [...]

Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP)2022-12-11T16:36:06+09:00

Breakfast pitch at Swiss Smart Factory 


Breakfast pitch at Swiss Smart Factory  Some impressions of today's robotic smart factory breakfast pitch. We want to thank our guests for joining us and our four speakers for the great pitches. It was inspiring to see how the robotic industry is evolving. - Samuel Segalen ★ YASKAWA France from YASKAWA France [...]

Breakfast pitch at Swiss Smart Factory 2022-12-11T16:36:56+09:00

A new 3D printer


A new 3D printer A new 3D printer is now digitally retrofitted with a Beckhoff Automation Switzerland IPC and #iolink Master. Connected to it are four different iolink devices from Pepperl+Fuchs Group, WAGO, SMC, and Balluff EMEA. All the condition Monitoring and process data are available in an OPCUA server programmed with [...]

A new 3D printer2022-12-11T16:37:56+09:00

Cloud-based ERP system of proALPHA


Cloud-based ERP system of proALPHA Our cloud-based ERP system of proALPHA is now fully integrated with several demonstrators, thanks to a modern API. After a successful product configuration through the B2C platform, we can send the individual configuration to, for example, here on a Bossard Schweiz Cloud Label for intralogistics purposes and [...]

Cloud-based ERP system of proALPHA2022-12-11T16:39:36+09:00

Next evolution of the digital area


Next evolution of the digital area Next evolution of the digital area of the Lighthouse project industry4.0. It is this time the Zesar.ch SA airtime studio. It is the perfect workplace for working remotely or on-site. We are currently using it with the proALPHA ERP, the new Dassault Systèmes engineering platform, and [...]

Next evolution of the digital area2022-12-11T16:40:24+09:00

 The aluminum 3D printed gripper arm


 The aluminum 3D printed gripper arm The first test of the aluminum 3D printed gripper arm from our colleagues at the Swiss Advanced Manufacturing Center was very positive. We are testing them on our newest robotic member, a YASKAWA France HC20DTP with an SMC Schweiz AG gripper. In the upcoming weeks, the [...]

 The aluminum 3D printed gripper arm2022-12-11T16:41:12+09:00

XR Operator Advisor


XR Operator Advisor Yesterday we had the opportunity to test the newest technologies with the XR Operator Advisor of Schneider Electric. We tested it on the Seb’Automatisme machine for the Swiss Smart Factory Lighthouse project industry4.0. With this tool, the documentation of machines will be entirely digital, and accessible on different devices. [...]

XR Operator Advisor2022-12-11T16:41:58+09:00

De-Manufacturing workstation


De-Manufacturing workstation The Lighthouse project industry4.0 De-Manufacturing workstation developed by OCTOTRONIC and Side Effects AG is working strong. Still, it will soon get a professional make-over by one of our newest members. The workplace is equipped with a Schneider Electric iPC and a combination of an iolink master, an RFID reader, and [...]

De-Manufacturing workstation2022-12-11T16:42:49+09:00

Circular TwAIn Project


Circular TwAIn Project Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne Ltd. We are proud to inform you that we, the Swiss Smart Factory of the Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne Ltd., is part of the EU Horizon Europe research Circular TwAIn Project of the European Commission. Circular TwAIn Project Circular TwAIn project aims: “Based on the [...]

Circular TwAIn Project2022-12-11T16:43:45+09:00
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